Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bait and Sprint

Here's how the bait-and-switch game at Sprint works:

1) You order a phone plan online but have to pick the phone up at the store, even though everything else is delivered by drones within two days.
2) The woman at the store informs you that the plan isn't valid. She says "Oh-Kayyyyyyyyyy" when you ask to speak to the manager.
3) The manager corroborates the woman's story. The manager has enormous ears without earlobes.
4) You settle for an inferior plan, so as not to waste money, feeling cheap and disappointed.
5) You receive some time later your "Sprint Store eReceipt & Transaction Summary," indicating a plan totally divorced from the one you ordered and the one you discussed with the woman and manager in the store, where you received no receipt.
6) When you discover that an unambiguously bullshit insurance fee has been secretly tacked on, you fantasize of Sprinticide, or at least a class action suit.
7) You chat with "Kaycee V," an exceedingly polite and generally informed robot, who, after you rant like a crazy person online, says "I see. Thanks for telling me."
8) You post something on a blog that nobody reads and hasn't been updated in years.